Saturday, January 2, 2016

Fil-Canadian's project makes use of wasted food

NEW WESTMINSTER B.C. - Danison Buan drops by his local supermarket three times a week to pick up unsold food that the store would otherwise throw away.

After working in a restaurant for years, Buan knows a lot of good food goes to waste. So he rescues "them" to feed those in need thru a project called "Re-Food".

"We are reducing food wastage, and we are feeding people in need and we educate the youth," Buan said.

From produce that are unappealing but still perfectly edible, to meat and dairy products that are near dated, Buan takes them away and re-purposes them thru charities that get smoothies and fresh food to cook with.

He also saves the supermarket some costs in compost fees.

For the past seven months, Buan has worked with different charities and has begun working with schools to educate the youth about food waste.

"It's a sense of enjoyment as well because you get to see all the people that you helped, all the people that were not having nutritious meals. Now, they have nutritious meals," he said.

In January, Buan will launch a 50-50 campaign fundraiser to raise $50,000 for 50,000 meals and to raise more awareness.

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