Friday, January 8, 2016

Giant ice castle a big attraction for Edmonton Pinoys

CANADA - A gigantic castle made entirely of ice is drawing a lot of attention to the Canadian town of Edmonton in Alberta.

A castle made of ice right in the middle of Edmonton's Hawrelak Park is literally one of the city's coolest new attractions.

It took a Utah-based company called Ice Castles two months to build, and is the first of its kind in Canada.

The castle is composed of towers, waterfalls , a labyrinth, and tunnel. It weighs about 25 million pounds and covers about an acre of the park.

"Well, I think its magnificent and I want to know how they made it. It's magnificent," said Edmonton resident Gil Denuro.

Construction started in October last year. They used icicles as a lattice on which to spray and freeze more water. The result was a structure with three-meter thick walls weighing 27,200 tons.

"I would definitely recommend it. I think it is very cool for the family," said Jr. Gomowat, another Edmonton resident.

In the daytime, one will see a greenish-blue or cyan color usually spotted only in glaciers. At night, embedded led lights flash and change in time to music, creating a fairy tale atmosphere.

After stepping into a courtyard, spectators can crawl through tunnels, meander under archways, see fountains and waterfalls, and glide down an ice slide. Most of the features were carved by hand.

"Napakaganda ng ice castle na ito. Una dito sa Canada at nandito pa sa Edmonton. Dagdag attraction ito sa Edmonton. Pag may oras kami ng pamilya ko babalik-balikan namin ito kasi napakaganda sa loob pati na rin sa labas," said Gil Denuro.

Organizers aim to keep the castle open until the first week of March, depending on the weather.

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