Saturday, January 9, 2016

Kevin Durant grants cancer survivor's wish, gives the young fan size 18 shoes

So Kevin Durant likes this whole "KD is not nice" campaign.

But that is on the court, off of it, Durantula is a pretty nice dude.

You want proof? How about KD granting the wish of a 5-year old cancer survivor and giving him his Christmas shoes as an added bonus?

Young Keaton Barron completed his final round of chemotherapy to beat leukemia late last year so naturally, his parents treated him to a Thunder home game.

At the arena, Barron had a sign that read "Beat Cancer" --- Check. "Plan trip to Disney" --- Check. "Meet KD."

Durant was sitting out the game against the Sacramento Kings but the former MVP made sure the young kid had a check in the last box of his new year goals.

Also, ESPN's David Purdum reports that Durant gave Barron his size 18 shoes he wore when the Thunder hosted the Bulls last Christmas.

The young kid says he wants to wear them when he grows up.

Live on young, Keaton.

This story was originally published on the ABS-CBN Sports website.