Monday, May 16, 2016

How much does a dental assistant school cost?

The cost of dental assistant schools vary by state. Let’s say you were to complete either an 11 month, full-time, or 22 month, part-time curriculum that consisted of 42 units. You’re looking at a tuition that can be anywhere between $850 dollars to $7,560. This all depends on the average unit cost.

For example, one school could charge about $20 per unit for a certificate course which will allow you to become a dental assistant. This makes the cost of the program about $850. Keep in mind that some dental assistant colleges may cost more, and this does not include any additional costs.

Registration fees can cost up to $60, lab fees can cost up to $500, and books and supplies can cost up to $1,600. After your training is complete you will also have to take the certification exam, which costs $125. These additional fees should be taken into consideration when selecting a dental assistant school. Prices and expenses vary by state. Another option may be to look into online colleges. With additional costs included, you’re looking at a total cost between $3,000 and $9,000.

Many dental assistant schools will allow you to pay for tuition through payment plans and loans. The American Dental Assistants Association also offers an annual scholarship to qualified candidates.

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