Friday, March 17, 2017

P&G's Francisco: Walking the talk on gender equality

For Procter and Gamble's first woman and Asian global president for feminine care, "walking the talk" is the most effective way to simply get things done and inspire change, even more when one is in a position to do so.

In an email response to "The Boss" for her International Women's Day message, Fama Francisco shared how lucky she is to work for a company like P&G where all people are welcome, valued, and respected.

"When you’re a senior leader in a big international company, you have to hold yourself and your team accountable to make change happen and accelerate gender equality progress within the organization,"said Francisco.

She said P&G recently kicked off a new program in their global P&G Fem Care organization called "FemPowerment," which is designed to strengthen the metrics, policies, and practices across the organization to ensure women are getting the support they need to succeed.

"This includes reviewing and improving the pipeline of women for advancement and empowering them with a strong support system. Making this type of commitment to gender equality is essential. And we must walk the talk; putting specific policies and actions into practice is critical to remove barriers and ensure women are equipped to achieve their career goals," said Francisco.

The mother of two also shares her recollection meeting the former first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, which Francisco described as a "truly unforgettable experience".

"She is very warm and genuine (and very tall!), so I immediately felt comfortable chatting with her," said Francisco.

"She’s a mother of two teenage daughters, and I have a teenage daughter so its always nice to have this in common. And hearing her talk, it quickly became obvious that Michelle has great sensitivity and heart for girls. She is very aware of the barriers that girls around the world face when it comes to things like education and equal opportunity. And when she gets behind a cause, she really puts her personal time in to champion that cause," she added.

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