Saturday, July 29, 2017

Ahron Villena apologizes for accidentally posting nude photo

Ahron Villena has apologized for accidentally posting a nude photograph of himself on Instagram late Friday.

The actor posted the apology on Twitter, and explained how he came to share the image, which exposed his private parts.

"Pressed [the] wrong button. Not meant to be shared. Sorry for the mistake. That's all there is to it," he said, adding that he erred because he was tired from shooting his "La Luna Sangre" scenes.

Villena elaborated on the incident in an interview with radio hosts Ogie Diaz and MJ Felipe, saying that he accidentally posted the photo while using Boomerang, an app that allows users to create short, one-second long videos that loops back and forth.

Villena said that he thought he was using Boomerang when he was actually on his Instagram Stories app.

He reasoned that Boomerang would allow him to check the video first before uploading it, and that he would have noticed that his private part could be seen in his clip.

"Hindi ko talaga sinasadya pero sabi nga nila, mas marami naman iyong positive feedback so okay lang. Sabi ko, 'Sige na nga, okay na!'" he quipped.

Villena then denied that he did it for attention.

This is second time over the past week Villena made headlines after his outburst over Cacai Bautista's statement saying she "accepts" him for who he is, which led to many speculations about him being gay. 

He acknowledged that the words he used in an earlier post related to this matter were "quite strong" but he insisted that none of those were intentional. 

"I am angry, and the words that came out are those of an angry person. I apologize if I became offensive but everything I said are true," he said. 

Villena dissed Bautista on social media for her statement, and denied that he and the comedienne were in a relationship.