Thursday, July 20, 2017

Meet Keanna Reeves' 20-year-old boyfriend

MANILA - "Sila naman kasi mahilig sa akin, eh," actress Keanna Reeves playfully quipped when asked about why she seems to prefer dating men who are younger than her.

The "Pinoy Big Brother" winner, who is 47 according to her Wikipedia entry, is again in another May-December romance, this time with a 20-year-old college student from Quezon City. She introduced her new beau on Facebook on Thursday. 

Speaking with Pep, Reeves shared that she first met her fresh-faced boyfriend, whom she identified in the interview as John del Rosario, at a local club. But at the time, Del Rosario still had a girlfriend. 

The two then later on bumped into each other once more, after Rosario had called it quits with his ex. Rosario then courted Reeves for a week before they became a couple. 

According to Reeves, Rosario likes her because she's "matured." She added that Rosario does not mind being in a relationship with a celebrity, sharing: "Sabi niya, ready naman na daw siya kasi mahal niya ako."

Reeves last public relationship was also with a 20-year-old guy named Kevin back in 2013, whom she introduced on "Rated K."