Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Pinay hospitalized due to dust storm in Arizona

PHOENIX, Arizona – Metropolitan Phoenix was hit by dust storm and thunderstorm over the weekend causing damages to properties and putting many lives in danger.

With zero visibility on the road during a sandstorm, Giselle Sloan’s car was hit by another vehicle despite taking precautions.

“Zero visibility talaga. So I got my vehicle in high beam. And then as I was getting ready to pull over on the side. Grabe yung impact na di ko na nga alam. Basta, I think na unconscious ako for a while,” Sloan said.

Sloan said she was in pain but managed to get out of her car. She obtained multiple bruises on her head and legs and was admitted in the hospital with a fractured back bone.

“Nahirapan ako i-open, as soon as i-open ko ang door grabe yung dust. Instead na maliligo ka sa tubig. Dust na lahat. Nilagay niya ako sa kotse niya. I didn’t know what happened, basta nakita ko na lang may kotse. May pulis. Maya-maya may ambulance na,” she said.

Sloan is expected to recover with outpatient therapy services and has to wear a back brace for at least a month.

Meanwhile, another kababayan drove into the dust storm last weekend. Luckily, Jennifer Aquino had enough time to pull over to safety.

Aquino said receiving the Arizona Department of Transportation’s campaign to “Pull Aside, Stay Alive” via text message alerted her to be more careful and aware of her surroundings during extreme weather conditions.

“It is helpful and it should be followed to keep everybody alive,” she said.

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