Sunday, July 23, 2017

Team Sharon's Jeremy charms his way to 'Voice Teens' finals

MANILA -- Sharon Cuneta is betting on Jeremy Glinoga to become the first winner from her team when he represents Team Sharon at the grand finals of “The Voice Teens” next week.

During Sunday’s live episode, Glinoga got a higher average score (99%) compared to his rival Christy Lagapa (90.59%), from the combined votes of the viewers and Cuneta's score.

Glinoga, a Filipino-American teenager who comes from a family who idolizes Cuneta, impressed viewers as he performed Harry Styles’ “Sign of the Times.”

“You owned that stage tonight. I am so proud of you. Puro ballads ang ginagawa mo for us. When you said that you were gonna do this, sabi ko medyo this has kind of a stronger beat, a higher energy and I said it’s a big stage,” Cuneta told the teen singer.

“I was a little scared but you owned the stage tonight. You gave me everything I asked for. I am so proud of you. From the bottom of my heart, I believe you belong up there,” she added.

Lagapa, on the other hand, sang the "Evita" ballad “Don’t Cry For Me Argetina,” which was likewise praised by Cuneta because she still was able to deliver a good performance despite nursing an illness.

Glinoga will be competing against Isabela Vinzon from Team Bamboo; Jona Soquite from Team Sarah; and Mica Becerro from Team Lea.