Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Can't wait for Pokemon GO? Here are older games to enjoy in the meantime

OK, the Pokémon GO phenomenon is now so huge that people couldn’t wait for it. In the Philippines, a number of Pokémon GO Facebook groups have been cropping up while previous Pokémon online communities have expanded to include discussions on the upcoming game.

So while waiting for the game to arrive in the Philippines, here are some of the interesting Pokémon games that you can play, if you can get your hands on their cartridges and the consoles where you can play them:

1. Pokémon Shuffle

This is probably the first true Pokémon mobile game and the one that is most accessible to everyone. Shuffle was originally launched on the Nintendo 3DS handheld console but was later ported for Android and iOS devices. But unlike the traditional gameplay of most Pokémon games, Pokémon Shuffle plays like another mobile game: Candy Crush. And yes, you still get to capture Pokémon every time you win a puzzle. What’s more, Pokémon Shuffle is free to play on mobile.

2. Pokkén Tournament 


Yes, it plays as it sounds. Fans of the Tekken game series would have some familiarity when playing this Pokémon fighting game for the arcade and Wii U home console. Made by the same company that made Tekken, Pokkén Tournament tries to mix the side-scrolling fighting style of Tekken, as well as a “field” element wherein the Pokémon characters can freely move and use their specific skills. It may be a bit jarring to play for hardcore Pokémon fans but it’ll give that quick fix when seeing Pokémon start using their special attacks.

3. PokéPark 1 & 2

You really don’t get to train, battle, and trade Pokémon here but you’d get to play as Pikachu in a number of mini-games and interact with various types of Pokémon. And since it’s on the Nintendo Wii, players can utilize the motion sensing capability its remote to move your creatures around.

4. Pokémon X and Y

Previous iterations of Pokémon games on all of the consoles were in drawn in 2D anime-style animation. But Pokémon X and Y for the Nintendo 3DS were the first games that used 3D cel-shaded graphics and it also added “Mega Evolutions,” which made Pokémon become more powerful.

5. Pokémon Red and Blue

The two games that really started the phenomenon. You’d be hard pressed to find cartridges of these games or even a working generation 1 Game Boy to play it on. You might get lucky finding these in trade shops in Greenhills. Released in 1998, Red and Blue had 150 Pokémon that could be captured, trained, battled, and traded. From the get-go, Red and Blue really allowed for multiplayer gaming as it utilized a physical cable (Game Link) to allow two Game Boys for battling and trading. While they may look excessively ancient to play now, especially with the simple button layout of the Game Boy, Red and Blue’s gameplay is practically the same as any of the new Pokémon games around and it still stands up to the test of time.